Manual car

To get your driving licence at your own pace. A two-hour driving lesson every week. The possibility to plan your lessons online and far in advance; flexibility is the keyword. It is all possible with us!

The advantages of "DenK" driving school

  • The possibility of planning your lessons yourself using our online planning
  • A high quality driving course
  • Always the same certified teacher
  • A no nonsense working method
  • You only take your driving test when you are completely ready
  • Highly motivated and very patient instructors
  • Theory courses and theory exams

Book an intake lesson with an professional English instructor (€59,00)

Driving licence B

The moment you pass your driving test is probably one of the most important moments in your life. This very desirable pink little pass makes sure you are no longer dependant on other people or on public transport. You are able to choose your own route and to go anywhere you like. It can even be a contribution to a better position on the job market.

A 120 minute lesson = a 120 minute lesson, €98,- per 2 hour lesson.

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